Chateau Vincens


La Famille Vincens
The Vincens have their roots in the Cahors region for many centuries and the close relationship with the majestic wines of Cahors Malbec, begun, in earnest in 1919. This was a hugely significant year for many reasons, with the end of the First World War and the purchase of the Vincens family’s’ first block of vines.

There has always been a very close association between the family and this wild, beautiful land, and until the early 1980’s the family grew many fruits farmed the land very diversely, selling their grapes to the local co-operative, as many growers did.

Right at the heart of the Cahors region, the 38 hectares of Vincens vineyards sit on the beautiful plateau, overlooking the River Lot, 300 metres above sea level. These vines are at the confluence of many climate influences, Atlantic, gentle Mediterranean, giving warm, dry autumns, ideally placed for the harvesting of perfectly ripe grapes. The vines have an average age, throughout the Estate, of
30 years.

Move on 60 years, to another significant and dramatic development when the family (Michel & Danièle) made the first of many bold decisions to elaborate their own wines, from their own vineyards and in 1983, the first, wines appeared, not quite ready for drinking, but complex and powerful, the start of another exciting chapter in the Vincens family history.

Year after year, the family develop a deeper and greater understanding of each of the many diverse plots in their estate, where rocks (Menhirs) and forests abound. The wild, untamed elements of the landscape, come through in these classy, expressive, reassuringly robust wines. With Philippe and Isabelle now working alongside their father, the legacy continues to grow, new, minimal intervention technology, to combine with the knowledge of the land, adding finesse and complexity to the great Malbec of Cahors from Vincens.

As you spend time with the family, you feel their destiny and a deep sense of a family at one with the land. As Philippe takes you excitedly around the vines and winery, you witness the new projects evolving in front of you, from each plot, each tank and each barrel. There is no greater sight than seeing Philippe lovingly hand plunge the three barrels of the wine, that, if they pass the familys’ stringent quality assessment, might become la “Parcelle Oubliée”

The resulting wines, at every level, from AOC Cahors Malbec to la Parcelle Oubliée, breathe new life into the Malbec grape and the Vincens family are bringing the great wines of Cahors to a new generation of wine lovers.
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