Château Cantenac

Saint Emilion Grand Cru

A passionate family, with their roots and childhood in this historic site in St. Emilion , the Roskam-Brunots, led by Nicole with her sons, Frans, Frederic and Johan, who, every harvest, see as a newmelody and the quality of their property is to interpret each unique vintage with sensitivity.

The Chateau was “born” in 1870, the Latin origin of the locality, meaning “enchanted”

Jackson Nugent Vintners have had the great privilege to work with the Roskam Brunots for nearly ten years and ship the Château Cantenac Grand Cru, in half bottles, bottles and magnums.

The vineyard of Château Cantenac is located on a plot of eminence at the forefront of the Saint-Emilion vineyards, beautifully exposed to the south. The “Enchanted origin of this locality and its varietal choice, carefully planted in sandstone, gravel and clay, transmitting to the wines of Château Cantenac, the finesse and the essence of the great Saint-Emilion.

Cantenac vineyards extend to 19 Hectares in size, with the breakdown of the three major grape varieties:

75% Black Merlot – 24% Cabernet Franc – 1% Cabernet Sauvignon Average Age of Vines – 35 years

Château Cantenac was long described as “the vanguard of the St Emilion vineyards” and quoted as “1st or 2nd Cru” in Feret Editions, this before the creation of the Aoc St Emilion Grand Cru (1954).

Today, it is the Roskam-Brunot family who, with their excellent team at Cantenac, interpret the Grape Varieties within their unique climate, location and soil, learning and developing greater expertise with every year and every vintage, expressing their Terroir.
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