Marlborough, New Zealand

The latest, incredibly exciting addition to our Agency portfolio, at last the New Zealand and Marlborough partners that we have been looking for over the last ten years.

Intense, complex and long, the Cirro Sauvignon Blanc is the first wine in the range, we hope to add the Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris as our exciting partnership flourishes in the coming years.

Founded by Richard Green and David Tyney, two passionate winemakers and, “vineyard men”. Their winemaking philosophy has been honed through many vintages working in Marlborough making Sauvignon Blanc. Tasting, analysing, asking why, always striving to improve their understanding of the region and their skills. They realised that to make the most complex and expressive wines, they
must be a blend of the best vineyards scattered throughout the Wairau Valley.

The Wairau is fantastically consistent, the aim of Richard and David, has been to exploit consistency and minimal vintage variation. Nevertheless they will make sure they take every tiny vineyard variation and make it part of the mix, making their wines stand out in complexity and length, by blending the select four family vineyards, located in the following sub-regions.

Lower Wairau – where Murray and Robyn use the more maritime climate to produce fruit with great aromatic intensity, passion fruit, guava and cut grass from 20 year old vines

Mid Wairau (low) -Lindsay and Trish grow fruit which display similar flavours to the lower Wairau but great structure and finesse from 15 year old vines.

Mid Wairau (high) the “home” block bring fantastic structure and purity from lower-yielding vines

Cowslip Valley Adrian & Jo, in this beautiful off-shoot of the Wairau, with low fertility, mainly gravel soils and the youngest of the vineyards at ten years, bring a more tropical spectrum of flavours to the wines

David, in Marlborough and great experience from working in the Loire, Barossa, Adelaide Hills and California, Richard, the aromatic, structure and “balance” guru with time also in the Moselle, combine with the their fantastic growers and hugely experienced team to bring a super, stand out range, in what is a very crowded category.
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