Chateau de Paraza


The Danglas Family La Famille Danglas, took over this historic property on 2005 with a passion and burning desire to rejuvenate this Wine Estate, which has been at the heart of the Minervois region in the Languedoc. The story began with a shared dream of Annick and Pascal and their first vintage in 2005, who were then joined, one by one, by their three children Antoine, Matthieu and then Lucille, very much a family affair.

The family brought with them the desire to combine the latest technology with the deepest understanding of this ancient vineyard land. It was the first area place cultivated for vines in the Languedoc by the Romans, due to the Mediterranean soil, known as “Les Serres” characterised by clay-limestone.

Through a combination of habitat preservation, pinewoods, olive trees and “garrigue” and the cessation of the use of chemicals for weeding or in the winery, with deep soil cultivation the family ensure the estate sits in the wider environment with the minimum of impact.

We had the great privilege to join in with this adventure in 2016 and have never looked back. It always felt like something of a “retro” campaign, with wines from Minervois most famous a generation ago. However, here is a family so passionate about this estate and putting huge resources and time into the vineyards, that the resulting wines have been sensational.

The Aussies helped with the marketing, making the blend G-S-M, Grenache – Syrah – Mourvedre, world famous and, these are the wines we have developed with the Danglas family. Three Cuvées: Cuvée Speciale; Ad Vinam Aeternam; Cuvée “X”: all the same blend of grapes, but sensationally different wines, each expressive of the plots they come from and the people who tend the vineyards and make the wines.

The Paraza wines have been a revelation and so exciting to sell for all of us over the last three years, there is nothing more exciting than re-introducing a wine region to the UK market, with some of the most elegant and appealing wines we have ever discovered. It is no small indication of the quality that we always sell out of the Cuvée “X” every time we receive our allocation. At every retail price point: £14; £19 and £50, the wines are always seen as great value for money.

We also work with the very classy and elegant Cuvée Speciale Rosé, a beautiful Syrah Grenache blend.

Come and join this great adventure and work with this wonderful family as revolutionise the Minervois region and enjoy recommending these wines to your customers. Visit their website