Our philosophy

There is no defining Geographical region, country or appellation, but an inner belief and driving force that unites all of our Family producers.

Everything starts in the Vineyard. As Michael Regaud, from Château la Tuilerie du Puy, believes,

When the grape is picked, the wine is born; that cannot be changed.

Every supplier that we represent exclusively in the UK, is driven to produce the best quality, with expressive fruit every vintage. All the wines show character and individuality.

Over the years that we have developed each of these partnerships – it has always been about the fruit, the vineyards, the single most important factor, beyond anything else.

Bodega Don Cristobal owner, Eduardo Lapania, said:

Great Wines only come from Great Grapes.

Roundhill Vineyards Winemaker, Tyson Wolf, said:

Winemaking begins in the vineyard; carefully matching the site and varietal, then selecting and harvesting fruit at just the right moment. A wine’s unique flavour and essential character develop on the vine.

We have just started working with Winemakers Richard Green and David Tyney at Cirro Wines, Marlborough New Zealand, who bring with them four separate family owned and run vineyards. Each bring their own specialist, deep-rooted understanding of their small areas of the Wairau and Cowslip Valleys.

For the last 25 years, Vina Casa Silva and the Silva family have pioneered three totally new vineyard areas within the Colchagua Valley – Los Lingues, Lolol and Paredones, to say nothing of Lago Ranco in the Lake District, 850 kilometres to the South of the Colchagua. Blazing a pioneering trail at each virgin site, the family have planted vines where there have been none before, have the vision to invest in the land which comes through a belief and great knowledge of where they come from. They have also invested unprecedented levels of research into the Carmenere variety and Cool Climate Viticulture and are leaders in the Chilean Wine Industry

The 4th Generation Roskam family at Château Cantenac, Grand Cru St Emilion, 3rd Generation Regaud Family at Château Tuilerie du Puy are both at one with their land, totally immersed in terroir, both sensitive to the expression of their fruit and each vintage.

Our range and selection remains constantly evolving and have the potential to grow, we welcome all like-minded family growers.