Chateau la Tuilerie du Puy


Château La Tuilerie du Puy, family owned since 1616, established in the heart of the Entre-Deux-Mers region, surrounded by the Dropt River. For 3 generations, the Regaud family have grown and bottled at this unique property, great wine that has made the reputation of their estate. For 10 years, Jackson Nugent Vintners have had the great privilege to work with the Regaud family, their super team and wines, There are four red wines in the range, Bon Ami, Cuvée Tradition, Grand Chêne, plus the rare and mysterious Vigneron Inconnu, with a very classical, complex and stylish Entre Deux Mers Blanc and Cuvee 1616.

History to present day:
Jacques Regaud, in 1929, a student and lover of viticulture, starts research on the best “terroir” to make great wines. In the heart of his work is the study of the best harmony between “terroir” and grape varieties. Jacques Regaud identifies, analyses and segments the family property…… before starting to plant the great Bordeaux grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Carmenere. Each one in its place, set out according to the detailed plans of the agricultural engineer.

Unfortunately, the Second World War ends the dreams of Jacques, who dies during the fight, but leaves his son Jean Pierre, with the same passion and pioneering spirit. Jean Pierre returns to Tuilerie to achieve his father’s work. In 1979, he starts to work on a very ambitious project, to equip the Château with a super modern winery, with stainless steel tanks and the latest technology. From this winery was born some strong and elegant wines, with good ageing potential which, over the years and the numerous medals obtained, contributed to build the name of the Chateau la Tuilerie du Puy. We are planning some vertical tastings of Tuilerie du Puy during 2017, starting with 1990, through to 2010!

Ten years of confidential research into white wine fermentation in barrels, started in the 80’s and this has been a significant part of the progression of the Chateau, lifting the quality and understanding to another level, setting Tuilerie apart from its’ peers. The quality and complexity we see in the Cuvee 1616 today is testament to this.

The next generation takes up the torch in 1996, with Michaël Regaud. The same passion for wine, love of travels and pioneering spirit that characterizes the family. After having vinified wines inCalifornia, Michaël brings his international experience to the family estate. His hobbyhorse: the meticulous selection of wood from all over the world, and always improved. The never-ending search for perfect sites and varieties continues and a welcome back to Carmenere, replanted in 2014, exciting times ahead!