Casa Silva Lago Ranco Sauvignon Blanc (Patagonia)


100% Sauvignon Blanc


Futrono Estate, Region Austral, Patagonia, Chile
Vineyard / Estate / Viticulture:
Soil Type: The soil is of volcanic origin with sedimentary rocks with a mixture of immature sands, pyroclastic rocks and volcanic ashes (trumaos). It has deep soils with intense biological activity. In the first centimetres of the soil profile, there are loose and permeable materials that then, in depth, intermingle with clays. Special Vintage Info: The climate of Futrono, in Chilean Patagonia and located 904kms south of Santiago, has a strong lake influence, which generates thermal uniformity given its proximity to the Andes Mountains. It has an average rainfall of 1800mm with an average maximum temperature from January to May of 18.5 o C and an average minimum temperature of 9.3 o C from January to May.
Vinification / Winemaking:
– How grapes were handled: 100% hand picked
– Fermentation / Yeast Type / Vessel: The boxes of grapes are received and kept in a cold storage for 2 days until they reach temperatures of 2°. This is followed by a pressed whole grape fermentation which take place 100% in stainless steel tanks at temperatures between 12 a 13°C. Had a management of lees until the minute before filling.
– Fermentation Management:
– Reasons for this choice:
– Ageing – barrels / size / time: 100% stainless steel tanks
Technical Analysis:
– Residual Sugar (g/l):
– Alcohol:
– pH:
– Total Acidity
Tasting Notes:
Straw yellow with green crystal tones. Elegant and expressive on the nose with fruity notes of lime, pear, green pepper, interspersed with
the feeling of intense freshness from Lake Ranco and the Andes. On the palate, rich and elegant with a lingering acidity, mineral notes and a pleasing fruitiness that completely coats the mouth. It creates the feeling of entering the cold and rainy forest in southern Chile.