Casa Silva Fervor Brut (Traditional Method)


50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir


Colchagua Valley, Chile
Vineyard / Estate / Viticulture:
– Soil Type: Lolol and Paredones Estates, Colchagua Valley, (Costa sub-appellation)
– Special Vintage Info:
Vinification / Winemaking:
– How grapes were handled: 100% hand picked
– Fermentation / Yeast Type / Vessel: “Fervor” is made with equal portions of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties. Casa Silva’s Coastal estates at Lolol and Paredones, are able to produce beautifully ripe grapes, but importantly, with the necessary acidity and an alcohol level close to 11°. Meticulous canopy management during the ripening season was required, both to prevent over exposure of the fruit to the sun, as well as controlling afternoon temperatures and transpiration rates (warmest part of the day). This great attention to detail gives the precise control needed over the microclimate (humidity) around the grape bunches, ensuring healthy fruit. Having created the highest quality “base wine” possible, the winemaker then aimed for a very complex sparkling wine, choosing the traditional method with the second fermentation inside the bottle. This was done to obtain a better structure and offer longer cellaring potential with a long autolysis of the yeasts after the second fermentation.
– Fermentation Management:
– Reasons for this choice:
– Ageing – barrels / size / time: To achieve the vital autolysis of the yeasts, the wine was left in contact with the lees for two years before the riddling process, disgorgement, adding the liquor d’expedition, corking and further ageing in the bottle
Technical Analysis:
– Residual Sugar (g/l):
– Alcohol:
– pH:
– Total Acidity
Tasting Notes:
Bright pale yellow colour with green hues. Generous and plentiful, tiny bubbles persisting for a longtime in the glass. Complex and evolved on the nose (which comes from the long autolysis of its yeasts) with nutty and toasted bread aromas. Fresh, full bodied, elegant and balanced on the palate, characterised by citrus, honeyed and mineral flavors, with appealing acidity and long, evolving finish.