Simonsberg, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Delheim is owned by the Sperling family.  The late Michael Hans “Spatz” Sperling was the patriarch and South African wine industry legend. His wife Vera still resides on the farm.

Eldest son Victor Sperling and eldest daughter Nora Sperling-Thiel serve as Directors of the company and live on the farm with their families. The other two children, Maria and Nicholas, live in Europe.

Delheim produce an exciting range of wines from £10 to £40 retail, unique to their two Estates. Two styles of Chenin Blanc, Shiraz & Pinotage reflecting the different plots and subsequent winemaking and the Grand Reserve Cabernet and the Edelspatz and South Africa’s first Rosé, the Pinotage Rosé.

Hans Otto Hoheisen, Spatz’s uncle, bought the estate in 1938 for him and his wife, Deli, who during one of her visits to family in Germany, she mentioned to her nephew that they needed help on their wine farm in South Africa, that was it, he was on his way and arrived in 1951 on the ship Winchester Castle with nothing more than £10 in his pocket.

No wine schools in South Africa, nor previous experience, he taught himself through a process of trial and error and with some help from neighbours and visiting German winemakers.

Spatz, having established himself as a respected winemaker and winning many awards, embarked upon a series of pioneering initiatives in the South African wine industry, for example creating the first “wine route” in 1971. The Stellenbosch Wine Route then had only three members and today it boasts more than 200: (now 18 other wine routes in South Africa.)

In 1971, they purchased a second property next to Delheim, slightly warmer, drier climate and sandier soils was better suited for premium reds. This property is called Delvera in honor of Spatz’s wife, Vera. The vineyards there are called Vera Cruz – Cruz meaning “cross”, allegedly for the cross Vera has had to bear during her long marriage to Spatz!

Delheim is managed by General Manager and Cellarmaster Reg Holder and his team of passionate staff members. Together they strive to nurture and combine the rich legacy imparted by the Sperling family, with a fresh and vibrant approach, in order to secure sustainability in the modern era.

Every member of the team brings a unique set of skills, ideas, experience and knowledge to the table. Through teamwork we share each other’s abilities, and together strive towards a single goal – to make some of the most respected wines and deliver them to our customers in a sustainable way.
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